Welcome to your Terminal

The Terminal – your airport companion app will be with you shortly.

Designed for the air-traveller of the 21st century, TERMINAL unifies, integrates and connects all airport-related businesses and users in a simple, user-friendly and intuitive way.


TERMINAL facilitates the usage of all services provided at the airport. 





Check in, transfers, parking, shopping, dining and lounge offers, real time flight updates and all other information relevant to your flight and stay at the airport is delivered directly to your mobile phone in an intuitive, innovative and personalised way! 

TERMINAL removes all the hassle from your stay at the airport, connecting flights and lets you enjoy your trip with tailored notifications, discounts, special offers and information about various other things to do at the airport!

TERMINAL aims to become the leader in the experiential airport travel development by integrating relevant global airport and air travel information in a single app.